Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009, what a year!

Here we are, December 26th, 2009 (Happy Boxing Day everyone!). I can't believe 2009 is almost over. This year has flown by. I am sure that preparing for an upcoming deployment didn't make time go any slower! We had a busy year, in February we went to the Outerbanks to celebrate Mom's 50th birthday and timing worked out so that we had it over Wesley's 3r birthday. It was freezing cold but we had a great time together drinking and spending time warming up in the hot tub.

We had lots of visitors over the spring holidays, Debbie, Monica and Ted (friends of Christopher's) and then Mom and Matt all came to visit around Easter and enjoyed the warmer Savannah weather. Wesley finished his second year at Growing in the Son Preschool at Savannah Chrsitan. Summer started and we took a family vacation up to Maryland the end of June to see family and spend time at the beach with the Kellers and Jacques. It was also our 5 year wedding anniversary! I cannot believe it's been 5 years since we said our "I dos". We came home and got settled back into our life in Savannah, going to the pool and swim lessons and church and hanging out with friends. In September we had more visitors, Mom and Matt came over Labor Day weekend to spend some more time with us. Then we werebusy busy busy preparing for Christopher's deployment and just trying to spend time with each other. Debbie came to visit us the end of October then the day she left we headed south to Disney World for a week long vacation with the Mouse. We had a fantastic time, the International Food and Wine Festival was going on so we had lots of great food and drinks and our last night there we went to Mickey's "Not so scary Halloween Party" which was a blast! We had our little Jedi Knight all dressed up and we got candy and did our favorite rides over and over again.

We came home from Disney exhaused but happy we had such a great family vacation. Less than two weeks later we were once again saying good bye to Christopher at the hanger on post. It was hard but this time we had a better idea of what to expect and I think in some ways that made it easier for us. Wesley of course had a harder time dealing with Daddy being gone but once we got into a routine it got a lot easier. We had Halloween parties to keep us busy and the week that Christopher left we got some very exciting news: Baby Price #2 is on it's way! S/he should arrive sometime around June 28th, 2010! We are all super excited about this, Wesley more than anyone since he is convinced it's a "puppy and a sister" in there. Time will tell.... :)
Thanksgiving Wesley and I drove up to Maryland for a super busy and crazy week of family, friends and food. The night before I left I attended my 10 year High school reuinon which was a lot of fun (even if Ashley relived one of her drinking too much warm wine college nights). We came home for 3 weeks of parties and school and Christmas decorating and shopping only to turn around and drive back up to Maryland for the Christams holidays. Of course we chose the day that the Noreaster started and we ended up adding 4 hours to our trip when it started snowing around 7:30 pm in North Carolina! Six hours through Virginia in the snow is NOT fun, trust me on that. We did make it finally (3:30 AM!) to Mom and Matt's house where we settled in to enjoy a few snow days. It was Wesley's first snow, and he had a fantastic time playing in it, throwing snowballs and making snow angels. I just wish Daddy had been here to see it.

Our third day here Wesley and I both got really sick and we ended up going to the doctor's on Wednesday. Not that it helped me because Christmas morning I woke up with an ear infection and ended up going to Nighttime Pediatrics with Mom for most of the afternoon. We did have a fantastic Christmas Eve at Aunt Karen and Uncle Jimmy's house (even if I did't get to partake in the pomegrante champagne drinks this year!). Had a great family gift exchange (got some awsome barware from Potter Barn) . We got home and Wesley was so sick we were not able to attend Christmas Eve services with Mom and Matt and we had to miss mom's solo (but Brad said it was fantastic!). Christmas morning was great we got to open gifts with Uncle Brad, Lauren and Uncle Kyle (who made it there by 9 am!). We had lots of good food and a great time opening all our goodies. Wesley was a lot of fun (and way too neat) opening up his gifts. The boy has more Star Wars legos then he knows what to do with! We didn't get to go to Debbie's parent's house for dinner (because I was at the doctor's office) but after a long afternoon rest I was able to get it together and have Brad drive us to Dad and Kim to visit for a while since I had not seen them since arriving here a week ago.

We are looking forward to spending the rest of our time up in Maryland visiting with Friends and family and hopefully having a quiet but fun time ringing in the New Year. We head back hom January 4th (next year!) so Wesley can go back to school and I can hopefully schedue an appointment to find out what our baby is.

I am looking forward to 2010, I love the New Year, it's like getting a fresh start every year. I know that 2010 will bring us some more good times with family, a new baby in June and m husband home sometime before the end of the year. Hopefully our house will sell (pray for us please!) and we will have a smooth transition to our next duty station in Fort Lee, Virginia (although that might not be until 2011!). I hope that no matter what kind of year 2009 was for everyone out there, 2010 is even better. Blessings to all!