Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Catching up, Halloween and November

Hey all! Sorry it's been forever. I have had lots of "reminders" that I am way behind on posting so I will catch up now since it's almost Christmas and I am sure we will have lots of fun holiday stuff to post about. 

So, October we went to the pumpkin patch on a feild trip with Wesley's class (see his blog). On Halloween he had a class party where we tried to get him to wear his chicken costume. It was a bit too short, I tried to alter it so he could wear it, but he was having none of that. So he ended up being a farmer instead. He was so cute with his boots and hat and overalls. We went trick or treating around the neighborhood while Christopher stayed home and passed out candy. We carved two pumpkins, one big one for the family and Wesley's little one that he got at the pumpkin patch. He was so excited about that pumpkin-he did NOT want to leave it outside in the cold. We baked pumpkin seeds and when we got home Wesley and Christopher sorted out his candy while we watched Are you Afraid of the Dark? reruns. 

Jack came to visit us the second weekend in November. The weather was really nice while he was here. We went downtown and ate at Mellow Mushroom. The rest of the time we just hung out and talked and some wine and just enjoyed each other's company. Wesley was very excited to have "Uncle Jack" visit us. 

Christopher also took command of his company on November 13th. It was a nice ceremony, and we are all excited to be part of the Echo Company family now.  We also attended the Division Birthday Ball, so we got to have a night out, all dressed up! 

We installed a new sink in our kitchen, it's nice to have something so deep! We go the sink on sale for $59, we were glad we waited and shopped around, it was originally about $200! 

Thanksgiving was a busy week. Wesley had a Thanksgiving party at school, we had turkey and he made a really cute turkey hat that he wore Thanksgiving Day. Luckily there were fake feathers on there because we found out when Grandmom made a paper bag turkey with him and she tried to put "real" feather son it that Wesley is VERY scared of feathers ("No Mommy! FEathers get me! I scared! I scared!"). It was hard not to laugh at him, it was so darn cute! He is absolutely terrified of the turkey they made and we had to hide it (and the rest of the bag of feather s) away where he couldn't see them. Maybe next year it won't be so terrifying. 

We had several friends over in addition to Mom and Matt for Thanksgiving dinner. Becky, Ben, and Sarah all joined us and we played Cranium after dinner. Next year we are SO going to the DFAC for dinner if we don't go home to Maryland. Two days of cooking is way too much work every year. ;)  Mom and I braved the shopping crowds for Black Friday and got some awesome deals. Always a good thing. Mom also made a gingerbread house with Wesley. He is, by the way,  NOT terrified of gingerbread or gumdrops. :) He has been happily eating the house whenever he gets the chance. 

We also got our Christmas tree put up. Early I know, but it's nice to have it up and to be able to enjoy it, and all our Christmas decorations.