Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hi, my name is Sundee and.....

I have a ton of stuff to blog about, and a million pictures to upload. Why haven't I done it? What is my excuse now?


My computer is not charging. So right now it is dead. I am not sure what is wrong with it but I am hoping it is something really simple like a new battery. However, not having a working computer has made me realize something. I am addicted to my computer. I knew it wasn't charged, wouldn't turn on and I kept trying to go get it and use it. I thought of blogs to write, random facts to look up, I NEEDED to get on Facebook and see updates (thank goodness for my blackberry)! I NEEDED to pin things on Pintrest! I was dying. I can understand how someone who is trying to quit an addiction feels. All you can think about is what you can't have. How can you get it? What are your alternatives? I am not kidding, in the first hour after realizing I wouldn't be able to use my Mac I thought about using Christopher's laptop, using Wesley's laptop, going to the library, stealing one from my neighbors (ok, just kidding about that one! Really, just kidding!). Then I thought, "Surely I can make it through a couple days without my laptop. I can survive. I WILL survive."

I made it through one day checking my Facebook account via my phone all day. Today I just gave in and hopped on Wesley's computer. Which is an "ancient" (at least in the computer world) 2005 Dell laptop. It is a PC which I now hate and cannot remember how to use, runs super slow and the U button doesn't really work. Wesley pulled it off a few years ago and if you don't hit it *just right* then it won't type. VERY annoying. I am finding myself searching for words to use without the letter U but it is hard (count the U's-they get used a lot more than you think. Then try to find alternative words for them. Sometimes impossible). And then, every once in a while, just for fun the computer jumps around the text and I start typing in a random area of text and have to go back and fix everything.

I know, there are people who are starving or dying or have real addictions and in the grand scheme of things and I shouldn't really complain. I am getting more housework done and my fantastic husband is taking my Mac in on his lunch break to see if they can fix it.

Guess I am off to do more laundry, dishes and to brave the commissary with two small children. Wish me luck.

***I counted 52 u's-counting the title and not counting this sentence. How many did you count?****


Ally said...

Lol i am just like you. My computer wasn't charging, I went that same day and got a mac because God forbid I could go one day without going online. i went crazy. I hope yours get fixed soon. Going back to a pc is torture :(

Our Traveling Circus said...

The computer is my crack, too. Our internet was out for 3 days and I really thought I'd need rehab! :)

I used to read your blog way back in the day when you had your link on OHO. Glad I found it again!

Mandy (ShopaholicM)

Sundee said...

Mandy, I am glad you found me again! :) I am always looking for other OHO people too, I miss everyone on there. I got so used to being able to click on everyone's link in their siggy's that I never saved many of them.