Monday, December 26, 2011

Why I am not a Navy wife...

Seeing as how today is the day after Christmas and we have been cooped up in the house together for three days straight now everyone is getting a little stir crazy. Henry learned how to climb out of his crib to combat his boredom and to add to my insanity. Wesley decided he wanted to put together the "Press out and Play" Pirate ship my mother in law got him for Christmas, also adding to my insanity.
Please note how that pirate ship looks on the front. This will be important later.

I was there when my MIL bought said pirate ship kit and I ok'ed the purchase at the time after a quick glance at it (I had to run and stop Henry from trying to knock over a stack of books before he attempted to climb on the nook table). It looked like a gift that Wesley would like and I didn't check the age on it. But still, looking at it this morning even though the age recommendation on it said 8 & up I figured "Heck, I am a smart, crafty 30 year old. This shouldn't be too hard".


Three hours, a lot of tape, a pair of scissors to cut bigger holes where tabs needed to go through and a glass of Bailey's on the rocks we arrived at this:
Note the large crack down the side. I could not get those tabs to line up right. Most of that is taped so it stays in place.

Also, note the large hole between the main deck and the poop deck. At least I think that is what they are called. It all blurred together after a while-fore, aft, main, mizzen...maybe I should not have had that glass of Bailey's while I was building this ship.

Because Wesley decided to punch out a bunch of the pieces before we got started many went missing and I had to make do. Note that there is a whole section of windows missing from the back of the ship. We did find them later during cleanup and then I had to take half the ship apart to put that piece in.
The ship won't stay attached to the base and as you can see as Wesley was adding the stickers (which in NO way makes it look like the picture on the front of the box) it fell apart some more (more tape to the rescue). Unless you hand painted/colored each piece before putting it together there was no way it was going to end up looking like the front of the box. No way. And unless you glue the thing together this thing is not going to be able to be played with by children. Even then.

Yep, I got beat by a toy that was meant for kids that are a 1/3 of my age. Fail. If it had been a tank I am sure I could have done better. Really.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Boy do I have a special gift for all of you. I have found a bunch of old Christmas photos, scanned them and am now going to post and comment on them for you. So grab your eggnog or your Bailey's or your holiday flavored coffee, sit down and enjoy. Merry Christmas y'all.

My mom and I opening gifts on my very first Christmas (1981).

Awww, I was so cute.  I am pretty sure I still have that outfit in my box of baby stuff.

I think this was 1982, so I was one and had no brothers yet. I got that same Tupperware set (in updated colors) for Wesley a few years ago.

1983 maybe? Probably because I had more hair. Check out my awesome cookware set!

Christmas angel.

Christmas 1985. That is my cousin Cory with me. We are at a Christmas party at our old church.

Obligatory picture with Santa. Ah, back in the days when Santa did not just give you candy to rot your teeth, he also gave you an orange to prevent scurvy.

 What? It was the 80's, aerobic workouts were hot.

Yep, that is a Rainbow Brite doll. I had them all.

See? Christmas 1986, I got "Tickled Pink". I remember wanting her SOOOOOOO bad. I was super excited to get her.

And I got a Popple.

AND I had a Care Bears nightgown. Don't be jealous.

Being Mary in the church Christmas Program. I had to take a nap the day of so I could be well rested. I remember is was REALLY hard to fall asleep because I was so excited.

My mom and I doing a dance to "Silver Bells" (I think). She made our costumes.

Not sure of the year. I think I was in 4th grade so that would be '89. I was the 4th star in the church Christmas play.

1991. Yes, that is a giant Caboodle. Yes, my hair is awesome. You try to get your hair to look that good on Christmas morning with no work.

K looks so mad that Santa brought him a shirt. Don't be a hater K.

Especially when I got a Sega Game Gear. It was in color people.

Me, my brothers, and my Uncle Jimmy and his now wife, my Aunt Karen. Seriously the only person I can make fun of in this picture is myself. What was I thinking? Stirrup pants? That horrible sweater? The only redeeming quality is that awesome Christmas Troll doll. I am pretty sure this outfit directly led to my Aunt Karen buying my clothes for my birthdays/Christmas/whatever every time after this was taken.
CD tower, Polly Pockets and an incredibly short Christmas shirt (I cannot believe my mother did not make me put on more clothes. But maybe I had shorts on under it or something). This was early 90's...maybe 93?

What, you don't wait until your dog passes out on a pile of gifts, add a Christmas hat and some empty beer cans and take a picture? Obviously you are not a redneck.

This was taken seven whole years ago (2004 for those of you who don't want to do the math), the first Christmas C and I were married. It was Christmas Eve at my mom's house. I know I should have a pic of the two of us but I like the picture for several reasons: 1) I can make fun of B's long hair (get a hair cut you hippie!). 2) I look hot. It is easy to tell this was taken pre-kids and in the middle of a seperation (C was at Basic/OCS that year but home on Christmas Exodus). 3) Those glasses on K's head that he is so excited about. Re-gift. Yeah I know how to get gifts on a budget. 4) In the back ground you can see my cousin Patrick and his now wife Constance. They are still like that when you see them together. 

Finally,  what is Christmas with out a little Christmas cheesecake? This was 1998ish.  B & K putting out Mom's reindeer and sleigh and candy canes. It was FREEZING out. But these guys are about making the holiday merry. :) Enjoy ladies (and sorry, they are both taken!).

 I hope everyone enjoyed these! Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!