Friday, July 15, 2011

Making the most of it

Since I am still having to beg Wesley for use of his computer (well, actually the lying incident yesterday pretty much assured that I would have the laptop to myself as he has lost computer privileges) I have decided to make the most of it. Last night while I was trying to get sleeping enough to go to bed and fall asleep I decided to check out what photos and documents were still on here. I have obviously saved them onto shutterfly and onto CDs before we stopped using this computer but it has been a long time since I had really looked at any of them outside of the ones I really loved. And let me tell you-there are some gems. GEMS. So, go get yourself some popcorn, a glass of wine, cup of tea, that twinkie you have stashed away so the kids/husband can't find it and settle in for a treat.

Before and After

This was back when I was pregnant with Wesley. My grandmother took the first picture so I could see what I needed to get back to after having Wesley. The second picture was taken, in the same swim suit, by my mother about two days before he was born. These are not the before/after shots you want unless you are trying to have a baby.

About 8 or 9 weeks along.

39 weeks (so 30 weeks later).

Of course the most awesome part of the second picture is Smokey trying to hypnotize you into giving him more food. Also, please don't make fun of my cankles. Thanks.

This next picture I love, when it popped up on the screen I laughed, out loud, for about 5 minutes. I am so putting it on Facebook to embarress my brothers even though nothing phases them.
I mean, look at Brad (he is in the middle). And Christopher and I look so young (probably because we were, this was about 6 years ago). And what was Kyle thinking getting a neon yellow cast? Oh, but the cast gets better:

Gangsta cast
I also found a bunch of pictures of Christopher's commissioning at Fort Benning, GA. In case you EVER visit Ft. Benning, let me give you some advice. They have their motto which is "Follow Me". So, if you drive up to the gate and the gaurd checks your ID and then says "Welcome to Ft. Benning, home of the Infantry. Follow Me!" he does NOT actually mean for you to follow him. Sitting there waiting for him to show you where to go will just cause you to get some weird looks and then get extremely embarressed when you see the huge "Follow Me" sign about a quarter of a mile down the road. Just sayin'. But here are some highlights of the day and me looking *Fabulous*.

Getting to pin Christopher for the first time.

The fantastic B&B where we stayed. I am so fabulous, I know!

I don't know why I like this picture so much but I do. Plus this is a great chance for me to tell you how my mom managed to ask Christopher's recruiting officer why he has a ladybug on his bars (it was an oakleaf) and why Christopher had flaming balls on his lapels (the ordnance symbol is a flaming ball. But still. Awkward.).

We ate at this great little historic restaurant. Well, they lost our reservation but managed to get us a table and look! Even our waiter was a ghost. You can't get that kind of service just anywhere.
Ok, there is more to come, but this might be a great time for a potty break or for you to refill your wine if you need to. I will wait.

Ready? Here are some early married life/pre children pictures. These are very rare.

Christopher and his "Little Babies". It is pictures like this that make it hard for me to take him seriously. I don't know how his soldiers do other than the fact they have never seen these pictures.

Me, cooking our first Thanksgiving dinner together. I look like a scary pregnant woman with a knife. Don't mess with me.

About 36 weeks at the top of they Tybee Island Lighthouse. I had no idea C was in the background which just makes this picture. Also, I yelled at a bunch of teenagers who were all winded from climbing the stairs that if I could do all 178 steps at 36 weeks they could do it. And to stop smoking.

Yup, at a bar, getting drinks (for the lushes I was with, my husband and my mom). But they and the bartender thought this was hilarous.

Our first Christmas Eve in Savannah. I don't remember most of the people in this picture but they were all people Christopher worked with. BUT this picture is awesome because it has party mouse in it. Just sayin'.

So, onto post children pictures.

Christopher and Wesley checking out our house in progress. This was the kitchen. I will have to find some "after" pictures or do a whole post on all our different homes. I know you are looking forward to it.

Hilarous family photo shoot.

Getting ready for a ball. One that we had bought tickets for and there we no seats for us at. So we had an even better time out at a tapas restuarant in Savannah.

The Travelocity Roaming Gnome. Great costume, I put it together in about an hour. Those are the best costumes. I know because I had to do it the next year with him too.

Portrait: Man and his dog.

Sorry, I don't know how to rotate this, if I can figure it out I will do it. This is, without a doubt, Kyle's birthday. How do I know? Every year for our birthday my mom would let us choose whatever we wanted for dinner. Brad would pick something like ice cream. I would pick something like london broil with baked potatoes and salad-something the whole family could enjoy. Kyle would choose lobster (which, because of the cost, only he got to eat). And then Brad and I would smack ourselves for not thinking of it ourselves. Repeat every year.

Wesley's first Easter. This was outside my mom's church with my brother Kyle, me, Wesley, Christopher and my stepdad Matt (or as he is now known as G-Matt, or just "G").

Ok, so whenever we talk about Wesley having a lemon for the first time my stepdad says it was at Mellow Mushroom and we (my mom and I) say it was at Yin Yankee. I am pretty sure Matt is thinking of this time (as seen here). I do have a YY photo somewhere, I can't say right now which happened sooner. Investigation to follow. I don't read Agatha Christie for nothing you know.

Me and Harry Potter! How cool! Oh, no wait. That is just my brother with hippie hair. Nevermind.

Easter, 2007. Wesley's second. And he is pulling off that seersucker sucker suit just like a proper southern gentleman should. And, for the record this had to be the COLDEST Easter in Savannah we had. It was freezing. Wish it had been this cold when I was pregant with Henry.
My brother Kyle with his mohawk. I keep tyring to take Wesley into getting one. As soon as Henry has enough hair (or any hair for that matter, outside of his mullet) he is getting one. Oh, and yes, that sign hanging on the wall says "Martha Stewart can kiss my butt".

Last pic for today: Me and one of my best friends Stephanie hanging out on my mom's deck. Obviously I was in the middle of going on about something VERY important. I have no idea what. But this right here is what I love about finding old pictures. Those little moments you capture that you can so easily forget about. This is just a moment of good friends hanging out, having a good time together (and sharing some good food!). These are the moments to treasure.


Ally said...

You look fabulous at the graduation, I love your belly peaking out from the sweater. How cute! and you got some good looking brothers ;)

Our Traveling Circus said...

The party mouse and the gangsta cast made me laugh out loud. Funny!