Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Monday, January 9, 2012

I am sorry I haven't posted a lot lately. I wanted too however I have been too sleep deprived since Henry learned how to climb out of his crib on Christmas Day. At first he wouldn't stay in there at bedtime, we would have to keep putting him back in over and over again. The first few nights this took up to an hour and half and I lost count of how many times I had to put him back in. We debated about converting his crib to a toddler bed but I wanted to try to train him to stay in his crib.

After about a week and a half we got him to pretty much stay in his crib for naps and when we put him down at night. However, he had started to wake up in the middle of night and climb out of his crib. He would then come out of his room and wander around the house at all hours of the morning (you know like 1 AM, 3 AM, 4 AM, 5 AM, 6 AM...after that you just give up and stay awake). Things Henry likes to do in the middle of the night include:

  • Playing with the space heater in his room. 
  • Going down the stairs and then when you go to get him run around the downstairs until you catch him.
  • Go downstairs so quietly you can't hear him until he turns the stereo on and you wake up to people "talking" in your house. 
  • Climb out and play with all the "musical" toys in his room. 
  • Dump out all the toys in his room so that Mommy will step on them in the middle of the night when she comes in half asleep to put him back into bed. 
  • Throw Puppy out and then cry loudly until you come and pick him up and give him back. 
  • Get the Star Trek laser gun toy and hold Daddy up at gunpoint when he gets out of the shower. 
  • Put Mommy's toothbrush in the toilet that is filled with pee (because we are terrified of flushing the toilet in the middle of the night and waking Henry up). 
  • Take Mommy's iphone and hide it! 
  • Squeeze hand lotion all over the floors and himself.
  • Dump lots of random toys into the tub. 
  • Wake up his brother at 6 AM (or earlier) so that Mommy will have to deal with TWO grumpy sleep deprived kids. 
  • Open up the fridge/dishwasher/door to the trash can and get stuff out. 

It has been what,  two weeks? We are all exhausted. This is how exhausted Henry is:

 C and I came to the conclusion that unless we get him a crib tent of some sort there is no way we are ever going to sleep through the night again. Today I ordered a crib tent online and in a few short days (and long nights) I will be able to lock that kid into his crib at night (yessss). And hopefully get some much needed beauty sleep.

Off to nap!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012 Baby!

I hope everyone had a great NYE last night. We stayed in, ate food, Mom got mad at Matt, Christopher retired at 10:30, Wesley went shortly after that (contemplating how it would be possible for him to wake up in an entirely new year-time travel, amazing!). Then Mom and Matt made up just in time for the ball to drop. I don't really like New Year's Resolutions (although I did manage to keep most of mine for 2011 and my resolution from 3 years ago to spend less on books and go to the library more is going strong) so this year I am going to leave you with a confession (isn't that more exciting anyway?).  So here it is: I am totally sober in these pictures. Enjoy! I hope you have a great year this year!