Wednesday, March 6, 2013


My brother had been bugging me to start blogging again so here I am. You are welcome bro. This post is dedicated to you.

Henry made up a new game today. It's called "Tobyball". He got the name from the fact that he stole on of the small tennis balls that my mom's dog, Toby, plays with and brought it back home from our last trip there. He was very excited to find it in his room when we cleaned it out today. He also found a  ping pong paddle in Wesley's room and thus Tobyball was born. It seems like a fairly simple game to play. One player throws the ball toward the other player who is holding the paddle. The person with the paddle has to hit the ball, at which point Henry runs around the room touching whatever he feels is a "base" (like in baseball but with about 6 or 7 bases). Then you start over again. He prefers if the door to his room is shut (his room is evidently the only place you can play Tobyball). However, the rules change as you go along such as you sometimes have to switch places so he can hit the ball and sometimes you have to sit in the tiny chair in his room to hit the ball. Also, sometimes he doesn't have to run around the bases, he just has to go back to his "home" spot after catching the ball. You only know of a rule change when he tells you ("No! I do it!" or "No! Mama throw it."). I received several penalties throughout the game for not playing correctly. He also cheers for himself throughout the game too ("Yay! I did it!"). There are not points or any type of scoring system which is good because there are no losers but also bad because there is no way to end the game. Until nap time. Ah, nap time. Mommy always has a way to rig the game.

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