Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hoarding: e-mails.

One of my goals this year is to clean out our stuff and get it organized. After two moves within 6 months everything is a mess and needs to be gone through (again). I am also trying to simplify and make my life easier.

Yesterday I decided to tackle my e-mail inbox. I have one e-mail I use for EVERYTHING and there was seriously stuff in there from all the way back in 2005. I am not joking. It is very surreal to re-live the past 6+ years of your life through your e-mail. Time travel without leaving the couch. I relived my time with the Hunter Spouses Club (and oh did it feel good to delete some of those e-mails!), two deployments, having two babies (did you know I did not get a single e-mail the day Henry was born? How weird is that considering I get about 5 million e-mails everyday from all my e-mail subscriptions?). There was my original approval to CinCHouse (a military wives forum that I was on and helped me out tremendously when I was first starting out).

Hi, my name is Sundee and I am an e-mail hoarder. Set me up with a TLC special!

Things I learned as I was deleting over 20,000 (yes that is a real number, I am not even joking) e-mails.

  • Lots of people must like my cooking because I keep getting invited to recipe exchanges even though I never respond to them (sorry, I mean to, I just forget and never get around to it!). 
  • When unsubscribing to e-mails the use the tiniest sized print possible ( like this ). You have to get out a magnifying glass to see it. And then once you click on it it usually is not a simple "you're done!" it is "Are you sure?" "It's not to late to resubscribe!""Can you take this ten page survey to tell us why you no longer want us bugging you 5 times a day with updates?" Annoying. And I know I didn't get them all so I will be doing this for another week until they all stop. 
  • It is impossible to delete any e-mails from my Grammy, especially the last one she ever sent me. 
  • It is also impossible to delete any e-mails including pictures of my kids. Even if I have hard copies, saved copies and CD copies of said pictures. 
  • My friend Steph C. always sends updated contact information, usually on New Years. I had seriously had no idea (sorry Steph! Keep sending the update though, I promise to look at them from now on!). 
  • My mother in law, my mom, and my friends Amanda and Stephanie are the only people who actually write me e-mails. Everyone else just forwards me stuff. 
  • Amanda writes the funniest stuff ever. Especially when she was bored while working security at the hospital. 
  • A lot of people use the excuse that their computer/e-mail wasn't working and that is why e-mails did not get sent or received. Please, people I use that excuse too. You are not fooling anyone. 
  • Petunia Pickle bottom does a lot of "surprise" outlet sales. 
  • You actually will NOT die or have horrible things happen to you if you do not forward on chain e-mail letters (you are shocked on this one, I am sure).
  • Found a few gems in there including a recipe for Tangerine Ginger Mojitos and how to clean your silver.
Ginger-Tangerine Mojito

2 oz. rum (mt. gay)
Juice of 1/2 lime
1 tsp sugar
3 sprigs mint
1/2 tsp peeled and roughly chopped ginger
Juice of 1 tangerine

Muddle lime, sugar, mint (save 1 for garnis), and ginger together in a tall glass
Add rum and tangerine and shake vigorously
Serve over crushed ice with mint and lime garnish.

How to clean your silver:
To clean tarnished silverware --Run a quart of hot water into the sink. Dissolve one tablespoon of  laundry water softener (top shelf of the commissary near Deft) and one tablespoon of salt into the water. Place a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom of the sink and place your tarnished silverware in the mix, touching the aluminum foil. Silver touching the foil and submersed in water should become clean in about 10 seconds.  Works best on real silver pieces - shouldn't be used very often with silver plated items which may tend to ware over time, revealing the undermetel.
The science behind it for geeks like me.....the salt is present to help the transfer of electrons (ionization or commonly known as a "salt bridge").  The silver oxide is reduced to silver metal and the aluminum foil is oxidized to aluminum ions. So it is the electrons that are being shuffled around, and not the elements themselves.

Now that my e-mail is all cleaned out I am hoping that I am over my e-mail hoarding and it will stay that way for a while. We shall see. 


Anonymous said...

Was the Tangering Ginger Mojito recipe from an HSC event? Why do I remember that too?

Brad Cogar said...

WRITE MORE SIS PLZ I LIKE WORDS. You are also funny and amusing and that is why I love you.