Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Star Wars

So, because my son is so in love with Star Wars I get to watch it all the time (well all the time I will let him! ). I don't mind too much, I mean, there are six of them to choose from, plus all the Clone Wars cartoons. I am getting a pretty good variety. We were watching the end of The Phantom Menace last night and then of course, Attack of the Clones came on so I told Wesley we would watch it today. 

So here I am watching it. It would be MUCH more enjoyable if Hayden Christensen was not such a bad actor. I cringe the whole time watching him. I mean, it's just not believeable. This would be one of my favorites from the series if it wasn't for him. At least Ewan McGregor makes it worth my time because he is an excellent actor. 

Oh, and a side note: I asked my husband not long ago if there Storm Troopers and Snowtrooper and Sandtroopers were there beach troopers? He thought I was was just being sarcastic but low and behold: There are Beach Troopers, they wear helmets and speedos. lol So again, I am right. ;) http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Just_wrong.jpg Although I am amazed at the people who debate over whether they should be called "Beach Troopers" or "Bath Troopers". Seriously, you have too much time on your hands. 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

First post of 2010!

So, here we are in the New Year. So far, it's been crazy. We packed up everything and drove back to Savannah from Maryland and I guess we brought the cold weather with us! It's been so cold here. BRRR! They were actually calling for snow this weekend. Talk about giving the phrase "when Hell freezes over" a whole new meaning! Guess it's a good thing we packed Wesley's snow boots! 

We are both still getting over being sick but doing better. It doesn't help we have been non-stop since we got back. Wesley in school and me going to the doctor's (baby is doing great! 15 weeks along and a heart rate of 145!) and taking the car to get the oil changed, PWOC today and a Tomboy Tool Party tomorrow afternoon. I guess I will get the house cleaned sometime this weekend. We finally took the Christmas tree and most of the decorations down, I will finish packing everything up then haul everything out the to garage. 

I am also working on getting the house all cleaned out and de-cluttered and ready to sell, we are looking to put it on the market in about 3 months. Not sure how I will do all this alone and pregnant but I guess God will provide a way (and help!) when I need it. I am actually looking forward to using this opportunity to get rid of stuff that we are not using and get organized. It will make moving so much easier when the time comes! 

We miss Christopher dearly right now, but the upside to this year:he will be coming home! Not sure when yet, but it will be this year! :)