Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dating Wesley

Today Wesley came to me and told me he wanted to take me out for a date. He said he wanted to go out to eat just me and him. Cool, I am down with that. I am a huge fan of "dating" your kids so that they learn how to treat (and be treated) by the people they will date in the future. Plus, it is a good way to get some one on one time. Also, I am hoping to get them into the habit of it so that when I am old and alone they will still come and take me out every once in a while.

I took a little nap this afternoon so Wesley got me up and told me that I needed to get ready so that we could go out. I asked him if he was going to get changed (he was wearing running pants and an Angry Birds t-shirt) but he told me, "No, this is what I am wearing. I can wear what I want. You can wear what whatever you want." Cool, I down with a casual date night. I then ask if he is going to pay for dinner. He says "Um, no, I need to save my money to buy the blue ninja (from Ninjago) but you can pay and show me how it's done." Okay.....

So we get ready, get in the car and I ask Wesley what he's in the mood for. He says "Burger King." This kid really believes that because the place is called Burger KING, it has the best burgers. I mean, it must if the it's run by a king, right? Riiiiiiiight. I talk him into Cheeburger Cheeburger instead. While we are there eating our food the family at the table behind Wesley has a fussy baby about Henry's age who is probably tired and obviously hungry. I am not judging because my kids have totally acted the way this baby did (throwing stuff, screaming, crying) when in the same situation. Been there and to show some sympathy I try to smile at them to know the baby is not bothering us at all. Just as I am doing that Wesley says (quite loudly) "And THAT is why you should leave your baby at home!". OMGosh....yeah, I don't know where he is getting that from. I shush him and remind him that he acted that way at that age too and to finish his meal so we can go.

After we finish up we head over to Target so shop around and walk off dinner and because I had a few items I needed to pick up. As we are leaving, Wesley asks if we can go to Starbucks when we are done paying to get a drink. He tells me it would be a nice way to end our date. I ask if he brought his money and if he is going to pay. He tells me no, he left his monies (no that is not a typo) at home but that I could pay but "don't worry Mommy, it will be good because it is part of our date. You will enjoy it. Isn't that nice of me? Don't I have good ideas?" Um, yeah. Your idea to take me on a date and have me pay for everything worked out GREAT for you. I remind him this will not work as well when he is actually dating a girl in the future. I am pretty sure he does not care right now about that.

Luckily I love the kid and I guess I will taking him out more often since his dating skills are obviously lacking. Hopefully by the time he goes on a real date it will go a bit better than this one did.


Ally said...

Oh what a

Jen said...

this is the cutest thing ever. I can't wait until Nolan and I can go on dates!